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UAB MATIS LT from India and Lithuania offers recruitment  solutions to Industries and Corporates across the globe. We work across various Geographies, Nationalities, Industries and Sectors and always strive to maintain a world class quality throughout any assignments that we undertake.

UAB MATIS LT Consulting established in 2018 is a Visa and Immigration company based in Hyderabad, India & Lithuania. We love to learn, discuss and create new pathways for going abroad. In short we are one-stop solution for different types of visa and immigration guidance. Our efficiency in processing successful visa and immigration applications has made us one of the most preferred immigration consultants and visa travel agents in India. Our service fee is affordable and we offer flexible payment options to suit your pocket.


  • We believe in simplifying visa documentation and to ease communication between the client and embassy.

  • We engage and inspire people to travel globally.

  • We are one of the reliable, trustworthy, and distinctive visa and immigration consultants in India.

  • We strive to provide the best visa services according to our client’s travel requirements or migrate to their dream country.

  • We’re excited to start a visual or a telephonic dialogue, learn about you, and make travel beautiful for you.


We always consider the fact that the human potentiality should be utilize to the maximum extent for the betterment of the world. Hence, our priority is always to bridge up the opportunities and the human resources. To be more precise, we undertake the responsibility to provide the right man for the right job. We assure you of utmost satisfaction.


UAB MATIS has been fulfilling the growing needs of our overseas clients and have successfully recruited the efficient manpower from India. Years of experience in this field had led this agency to remain always reliable and best for both the clients and candidates. We always aim to provide best job opportunities for our clients to the overseas companies. The dedication and promptness of our professional and specialist staffs has led this company to remain the first choice for both foreign employment seekers and overseas employer companies. 

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