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Training visa subclass 407 is intended to allow applicants to participate in work-based occupational training activities in order to improve their skills in Australia.  With this visa, they can attend a series of training programs or a professional development training program of their interest for different purposes.

There are 4 types of trainings for the purposes of this visa. Visa applicants may choose any of the following four training programs. But most applicants would choose the 1st or 2nd options below.

  1. Training to enhance skills in an eligible occupation: a customized or tailored training program to meet the needs of a nominated person in eligible skilled occupations. See below for selected occupations.

  2. Training for registration: for occupational registration, membership or licensing, which might be mandatory in that occupation either in Australia or your home country.

  3. Training for capacity building overseas: This type of training includes overseas qualification of up to 6-month program for students;

  4. Government support training program or for professional development: This is for government supported training programs;

The intended training can be conducted via different ways by the employer: such as general or on-the-job training,  classroom based training or supervised work.

Training visa 407 is a temporary visa only, allowing you to stay in Australia from a few months to up to 2 years. This visa can’t be extended onshore. If you wish to stay longer in Australia, you have to apply for another visa. There might be a pathway leading to permanent residency visa. Consult  with Korrylink for a PR visa solution.

You may include your family members in your visa application. Family members normally refer to spouse/partner and dependent children.

Important – Choose your employment type

Before you are sponsored to apply for this visa, you need to know what type of training programs you are going to undertake, as mentioned above. The nature of employment (or training) with an employer may take two formats: as a volunteer or as a paid employee.

You may come to undertake training as a volunteer without being paid salary. In this case you and the employer must complete the Acknowledgment of Unpaid Placement Forms. Or alternatively, you may work as an employee while you are being trained for payment of salary by the sponsoring employer. If this is the case, you and the employer must enter into an employment agreement. The salary remuneration package is subject to negotiation between you and the employer.


407 Visa Benefits

  • There is no max age limit as long as you are over 18 years of age;

  • You can apply for this visa either onshore in Australia or offshore overseas;

  • Live and work as a trainee in Australia for up to 2 years;

  • You may bring your family members with you;

  • You can work full-time while you are undertaking training;


 Training visa 407 criteria

  • You must be 18 years of age or above to apply for this visa;

  • You must have functional English (for example: IELTS Overall 4.5, or PTE 30 or TOEFL iBT 32);

  • You must have an Australian employer or a Commonwealth Government agency to sponsor and nominate you;

  • Be a genuine temporary entrant. This means you may not use this visa for other purposes;

  • You must be nominated to participate in a program of occupational training. Your training program must be in relation to an occupation specified on the Occupation List for 407 visa. A full list of the occupations can be viewed by clicking the link;

  • You must also meet character requirement, have proper health insurance arrangement and other requirements;


Skilled Workers in Need

As announced by the Australian government, from 1 December 2021, some skilled visa holders (including subclass 407 visa) can enter Australia without having to apply for travel exemptions subject to a couple of conditions. However due to the outbreak of new virus Omicron, the reopening plan has been postponed until 15 December. This may change depending on the situation.

For the purpose of nomination, we are now looking for people who are currently doing the following occupations and wish to come to Australia on the training visa 407:;;

  • Butcher

  • Café or Restaurant Manager

  • Carpenter

  • Cabinetmaker

  • Chef (including Teppanyaki chef)

  • Cook (including Teppanyaki cook)

  • Fitter (General)

  • Mechanical Engineer

  • Metal Fabricator

  • Pastrycook

  • Production Manager

  • Stonemason

  • Wall and Floor Tiler

  • Welder


Documents Checklist (What you should prepare)

If you meet the visa criteria and will be sponsored and nominated, you will need to provide the following documents to support your visa application.

  • Current passport bio-data page;

  • National ID card from your home country;

  • Evidence of functional English (IELTS 4.5 or PTE 30 or TOEFL iBT 32);

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) with details of your employment history and skills;

  • Education qualification certificates from your home country or other countries;

  • Financial documents (bank deposits) to support your stay in Australia;

  • Copies of your registrations or occupational licenses from overseas if any;

  • Health Insurance in Australia (We can help to organize);

All documents must be accompanied with accredited English translation.

Check with Korrylink if you have any queries about this visa.

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